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Wrong Wave | Monthly Broadcast

March 2020

00:00 Gong Station Chimes : The Conet Project
01:22 Bene Gesserit by Bernard Szajner
03:37 Atdn by Nadine Byrne
07:59 Parallel World by Kurt Stenzel
09:40 Motor City by Sand Circles
12:28 First Light by Bryter Layter
18:55 Regulate by 1991
23:06 Art Decade by David Bowie
26:37 Appalachian Grove III by Laurie Spiegel
29:49 Avanti by Cluster
34:11 Three Modal Pieces-A Myth by Laurie Spiegel
40:11 Water by Charles Cohen
45:51 Generator 6 by Keith Fullerton Whitman
47:51 Purple Lips by Nico
51:55 Bcë by Maria Teriaeva
55:30 Fascinator by HTRK

February 2020

00:00 The Sun Roars Into View by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld
07:10 Sonne = Blackbox by Ursula Bogner
09:31 Organ Passage by Zomes
10:26 My Time to Live by Chrome
14:14 Vibrate On by August Pablo
18:54 The Night Collectors by Les Rallizes Dénudés
27:22 All The Sun That Shines by Peaking Lights
34:22 Osman Ehlivan by Arif Sag
38:10 Forge Your Own Chains by D.R. Hooker
42:30 Extended Duration Risers Manitoba Aug. 96 by Stephen P. McGreevy
43:38 Musical Street Prophet by Sahel Sounds
47:00 Lay Down (Candles In the Rain) by Melanie
54:38 Govinda by Asakawa Maki
58:42 The Mind Is A Hole In The Body by The Pupils

January 2020

00:00 Teisco by Beak>
01:50 Untitled by Delroy Edwards
06:36 Lamru by Mammane Sani
07:52 Isolation by Chrome
12:48 Leibe Mach by Alu
15:03 I Feel Worse When I'm With You by Adult.
17:39 Keng Lil Surf by The Ex and Guests
20:40 Hot Hot Hot by The Cure
24:08 Operator by Anticipation
27:50 Flights of Fancy by Maggi Payne
29:40 B3 by Pekka Airaksinen
32:01 Temple Walking by Clay Rendering
36:10 No Hands by The Vss
39:33 Switch by Barnett and Coloccia
45:04 Untitled by DJ Punisher
46:50 Ghetto by Sentimentale Jugend
48:02 Desperate Fa Ta Miracle by Vainio/Väisänen/Vega
51:00 Tanzen by Pole
56:21 Lost Souls by Birdland