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During the pandemic, while much of humanity seemed to be reveling in the unveiling of their own dumbassery, I created these sets to keep myself occupied with things other than my own music and the mundanities of daily life.

Playlisting, curating, etc., are in part a play for status: “oh look what rare whatevers we have returned with from the plastic bag choked sea of culture.” We may be unapologetic, or mildly ashamed of this, or just clueless about the bricks of our reality, but it should be acknowledged.

Beyond that, the juxtaposition of different pieces of music is a way of sketching out possibilities: genres that exist in the negative space between the taxonomies we didn’t know we were handed. Simple example: The first few minutes of Dum Dum Boys is the bridge between Isaac Hayes’ version of By The time I Get to Phoenix and She’s Lost Control. Any left turn in this maze can lead to us being more beautifully lost.

With that in mind, I leave this page here, with the knowledge that the links below will break soon enough. The sets are hosted on Mixcloud. Mixcloud is a company that is trying to make money off of music streaming. That is not something I’m sure is even possible, but they are sure enough that it is that they will be reducing the 22 of my available sets below to 10 unless I “upgrade” to “pro.”

All of this foolishness is predicated on the idea that people own music. In fact, music owns itself. On our good days it may take possession of us for awhile. Beats and hooks are metapersons, too. They just aren’t written into the rulebooks in the same way as the flailing leviathans of dot com.

Wrong Wave | Monthly, Quarterly, Discontinued Broadcast

Q4 2021 Part 1 of 2

00:00 Zennotized Funk by Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi
03:47 Chinese Choppers by Pray for Rain
04:58 Be My Dream by Suicide
09:03 Yikirta Lemminalehu by Hailu Mergia & The Walias
12:30 Fancy Dancer by Wicked Witch
18:08 Repetition by David Bowie
20:56 Dance of Shiva by Valentina Goncharova
29:34 Burning Boats by Anni Hogan
34:43 Into Distance by Vår
37:36 Love, Fading by Obay Alsharani
40:07 Dance by Suicide
43:23 How to Kill by Art of Noise
46:02 Simoon by Yellow Magic Orchestra
52:02 The Return by Heather Leigh

Q4 2021 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Let the Dollar Circulate by Billy Paul
04:54 Soliloquy of Chaos by Gang Starr
07:49 How Much Are They? by Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble and Jaki Liebezeit
12:30 Money by The Flying Lizards
17:55 Bored to Death by Government Issue
18:50 Starship Africa Section 5 by Creation Rebel
19:40 Sugar Lee by Donny Hathaway
23:31 People by J Dilla
24:55 The Lighthouse by Ana Da Silva
28:19 Trong by Beak>
32:06 Corporal Chalkie by The Mekons
35:00 Ring the Alarm by 700 Bliss
37:15 Kachun-K Pschuhv by The Ex
40:52 Labyrinths & Jokes by Aaron Dilloway
43:18 Karen by The Mekons
45:55 Tropic of No Return by Joe Strummer
48:53 Scandinavian Wastes by Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins

Q3 2021 Part 1 of 2

00:00 Danger Zone by Chrome
05:10 Deuce Avenue by Alan Vega
08:21 Passover by Joy Division
13:03 Our Dust by A.C. Marias
16:18 Buzz by Pylon
19:11 Harakiri by Einwegexistenz
22:29 Repo Man by Iggy Pop
27:34 Long Lost Life by Dome
30:42 Tired & Cold by Halo Of Flies
33:22 All Through the Night by The Passengers
36:25 Fugue For A Darkening Island by Metal Urbain
38:46 Metal Sheet by Second Layer
40:04 Idle (Second Thoughts) by Adult.
44:27 Lord of the Hornets by Robert Calvert
48:09 Underneathica Pre Fix
50:07 The Box by Fad Gadget

Q3 2021 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Something Higher by Ela Orleans
03:42 Time Date by Perila
06:10 Trance of Hatred by Barry Adamson
07:08 When I Have No Words by Molly Nilsson
11:30 Insects by Altered Images
14:52 Flipper by Adulkt Life
18:53 Garden Song by Cry Out
22:49 Go Away by Strawberry Switchblade
25:13 Nerve by Special Interest
26:59 Candor by Ganser
29:43 Broken Music, Pt. 4 by Milan Knizak
36:28 Human Zoo by Digital Dance
41:42 Wire Recorder Piece by Halim El-Dabh
42:55 Suicide Commando by No More
46:02 Freak Styler by Sensational
48:20 Nuclear Apocalypse by Chainsaw

Q2 2021

00:00 Mindbreaker by The Litter
03:06 Big In Japan by Big In Japan
05:30 End of World by Nik Turner
11:20 A4 ####### by Nun Gun
13:40 Space Movement Section 4 by Creation Rebel
17:50 White Waking III by Les Rallizes Denudes
20:35 Music by The Red Krayola
21:32 Apologies to 2069 by The Litter
22:40 Little Threepenny Suite II Ballade by Lotte Lenya & Berliner Staatsoper Orchester
24:56 Mother / Oh mein Papa by Siouxsie & The Banshees
28:05 Night of the Assassins by Les Rallizes Denudes
30:50 Your Hidden Dreams by White Noise
35:41 Blindman (Live) by Curved Air
38:23 The Jewels of the Madonna by The Red Krayola
39:45 Sherriff of Yates Hill by Shit & Shine
43:05 Fist by Alan Vega
48:18 The Very Ears of Dusk by Phew

Q1 2021

00:00 Reverse Lion by Yello
01:22 Technology Works Dub by Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc & Skip McDonald
07:04 Tommy Smith by Dolly Dolly
09:04 Stopping and Starting by Voice of Authority
14:58 Speech and Ambulation by Mouse On Mars
22:03 I Feel Like I'm In A Film by Jonnine Standish
25:35 Movement 5 by Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders
29:15 Main Theme by Dave Ball & Genesis P-Orridge
32:18 We Are Starzz by Angel Bat Dawid
36:37 Stranger Than Love by Mark Stewart
43:50 Candles by Candle Tribe
48:15 Spine of Desire by Caterina Barbieri
49:50 End Of by eMMplekz

December 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 One by Marina Rosenfeld
01:54 Baby You Know by Aisha Orazbayeva
05:52 Tonight We Shall Dance Among the Stars by D.D. Denham
08:10 Lighthouse by Grouper
13:38 Birthday Suit by Beak>
18:08 Tarantella by Peter Zinovieff
21:54 Surrender by Suicide
25:40 In Knowing by Dean Hurley
29:35 Radiating by Din
31:55 Filmmusik by Emak
35:40 Ballet Statique by Conrad Schnitzler
39:35 Region of Fleeing Civilians by Craig Leon
44:10 Quite Unrehearsed by Colin Newman
48:10 Labor by Lyonnais
52:00 It's a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore by Ana Roxanne

December 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Out Of Order by MIRRORS
03:20 Trouble by The Flying Lizards
06:03 Looking Back by Jaeho Hwang
10:20 Doubts Even Here by New Order
14:30 Fragment by Phew
18:18 Radio Prague by This Heat
20:40 Social Fools by Devo
24:16 Hatred And Kisses by Don King
27:25 Unemployment by dirt
28:35 Normal Man by Men's Recovery Project
31:01 Absolute Körperkontrolle by DAF
33:48 Murder By Furniture by Colin Potter
35:59 Omozap to Plasticator by Jeff Keen
37:22 Bedroom by L. Voag
38:56 Emboldened by Tarcar
41:18 Errors of Skin Variante by Lucrecia Dalt
43:36 03.18.2012 by Thought Broadcast
45:58 Cybernaut by Tonto's Expanding Head Band
50:22 Galactic Nightmare Pt. 2 [EDIT] by Alan Jefferson

November 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 Dark Rooms by Da
04:40 Time Was by A.C. Marias
08:20 Spellbound by Pink Military
10:53 Canker by Ut
14:58 Intense by Bona Dish
16:40 Along The Main Divide by Roy Montgomery
20:10 Solar by Non Band
25:40 What Happens? by S.Y.P.H.
28:24 Your Turn To Run by Malaria!
32:30 Endless Road by Vazz
35:45 Just Another Spectre by Blancmange
39:00 No Doubt by Colin Newman
41:20 Leaving by Caroline K
43:50 Miracle of the Rose by Cindy Lee
48:43 Imperial Motors by Lives of Angels

November 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Modul by Pole
04:35 Senete by ZNR
08:10 The Void by The Raincoats
12:00 Rooftops by Colin Potter
18:40 The Girls by Xero
21:50 Band 051 1: Springende Inspiration by Roedelius
26:42 Far From Spring by JH1.FS3
30:38 Memories by June 11
35:00 Listen Loudly by Love Life
39:40 Kumoatsume by Pale Cocoon
44:36 Vessel by Grouper & Roy Montgomery
48:16 Unetiquetted by EXEK
53:00 Scratch Holiday by Aksak Maboul

October 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 I Can't Stop It by Primitive Calculators
02:16 Automation by Five Times Of Dust
05:56 On the Prowl by Savage Republic
07:21 Champagne by Lust For Youth
11:15 Zeittunnel by Die Hornissen
13:51 Space is the Bass by The LORD
17:06 Wütendes Glas by Grauzone
20:25 Kiliwatch by Jacques Charlier
24:34 Carbone 14 by Metal Boys
30:58 Gott Gott Electron by Chrisma
34:49 Danger Cruising Part II by Pyrolator
38:24 In your arms (final fantasy) by VÅR
43:10 Netlove by Merzbow/Ladybird
48:06 C81 by Philip Johnson
50:10 Endless by Vainio/Väisänen/Vega

October 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Death Scene by The VSS
01:52 Girl On The Run by Honey Bane
05:48 Group Home Haircut by Coffin Pricks
09:26 Who Are You? by Void
11:20 Birth Control 'n'Rock'n'Roll by Crass
13:25 No Pasaran by Fucked Up
15:10 Fashionation by The Ex
19:12 Phisto by Dial
23:51 Dumbwaiter by Jaks
27:25 Enemy Ladder by Wolf Eyes
30:35 Scratch and Posted by Flak-Scrampe Tramauntra
35:30 Number Six by Aslund Constant
40:55 Win/Win by Year Future
44:32 Kalte Sterne by Einstürzende Neubauten
48:42 Audience of One by Peter Ivers
53:28 Ever by Flipper

September 2020

00:00 Something Rhythmic (I Can’t Wait) by Chrome
04:33 Animal Speaks by Numbers Band
08:34 Paramechanical World by Amon Düül
14:18 A Man Has Responsibilities by Sandra Electronics
17:46 In A Hole by The Jesus & Mary Chain
20:25 Low and Warped by Destroy All Monsters
24:50 Choking Flies by Wolf Eyes
30:50 Nobody Knows by Destroy All Monsters
34:20 Motorhead by Hawkwind
37:24 Nazi Apocalypse by Simply Saucer
40:35 No Fun by Dr. Mix and The Remix
44:55 Francine's List by Pink Section
49:00 Looking At You by MC5
51:59 Next Time See You at the Dalai Lhama by Guru Guru

August 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 Intro by Parson Sound
00:53 Almost by O.M.D.
04:35 So Low by Carol
08:04 Riffs by UMFANG
11:30 Transmission From The 18th Century by Ectoplasm Girls
16:46 Echo by Phew
24:02 Elli by Dirty Beaches
27:16 Transistor by Antimatter
29:19 Private Armies Dub by Vivien Goldman
34:25 Travel Paint by Young Paint
36:55 Hard Love by Marina Rosenfeld
43:41 Meat In Motion by Isolation Ward
47:16 Bruell by Silvia Kastel
53:54 Eline Cout II by Bruce Gilbert

August 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Mi Scusi by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld
04:00 Shegiah / Golden Repair / A Shield Of Ceilings In The Drift by Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf
12:45 Microscorp by Pale Cocoon
15:32 Rooftop Gardens by Marja Ahti
21:10 Rohkaisulaulu by Islaja
25:30 Colour Green by Sibylle Baier
27:55 Phosphenes by Glass Isle
33:10 Mistress Ship by Emerald Web
35:25 Gong Song by Ann McMillan
44:40 Only One by Fountainsun
49:00 Jungle Nausea by Thought Broadcast
51:03 Yoshvim Al Hamaake by Malka Spigel

July 2020

00:00 One For The Treble by Davy DMX
06:20 Take Your Elbows Off by Steve Ignorant and Johnny Dynell
12:58 Interior St. by Death Comet Crew
17:25 Al-Naafyish (The Soul) by Hashim
23:34 Re-Ron by Gil-Scott Heron
30:08 Five Minutes of Funk (Instrumental) by Whodini
35:38 Ravishments In The Seraglio by Nadjma & Adrian Sherwood
37:04 End Credits Roll by Das Ding
41:04 Killers by Ice-T
45:21 19 by Paul Hardcastle
47:50 Cela's Theme by Charlatan
50:50 Miss Fortune (Chuggy Edit) by Pink & Black
56:19 Cookout by Golden Palaminos

June 2020

00:00 The Kiss by The Cure
06:15 Wipeout Beat by Alan Vega
11:58 Human Rights by H.R.
17:16 AG by Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women
21:48 Evil Rock by Robert Calvert
26:08 Eyes on Mars by Chrome
29:40 That’s Ok for Me by Damon Edge
35:50 Speak To Me by Fad Gadget
39:08 Sunrise by Natural Assembly
41:54 Something To Grab For by Ric Ocasek
45:37 Cry for Love by Iggy Pop
50:00 This Island Earth by Bryan Ferry

May 2020

00:00 Toucan Ocean by Jon Hassell
03:51 Pussywhistle Tea by CS + Kreme
06:40 Digital sampler, rhythm variation by Sahel Sounds
08:40 DIY Time Machine by Moor Mother
10:41 Zoique III by Ramuntcho Matta
15:39 Atmosphärische Energie by Ursula Bogner
19:20 Bird of Paradise: Part 1 by Terry Riley
23:33 Drag Race Legend by Knife Knights
26:50 Kerry by Michael O'Shea
29:00 When We Fall by Beak>
34:38 Danse Maudit by The Ex and Guests
36:25 Place The Face by Antipop Consortium
40:54 Twist Up by Dome
45:14 Chocolate Souffle by Shabazz Palaces
50:16 Graffiti by Niagara
52:02 Sad Nile by The Whitefield Brothers

April 2020

00:00 Ejection by Robert Calvert
03:28 Fan Club by The Damned
06:18 Smash Attack Rock! by The Smashchords
08:50 Poor Born by Dead Moon
11:37 TV In My Eye by Le Shok
13:26 That's All I Know (Right Now) by The Neon Boys
16:00 Pray Till You Sweat by The Flesh Eaters
18:38 Kingdom of Heaven by 13th Floor Elevators
21:44 Soul's Tongue by Greg Sage
24:30 . by Shotmaker
27:00 I Want To Live by Destroy All Monsters
28:53 Gun by John Cale
37:00 3-E by Mars
39:46 Drug Zoo by GG King
42:58 Easy to Lie by The Master's Apprentices
47:25 Mole Machine by Simply Saucer
51:49 I Had a Crummy Shift by The Hospitals
52:20 Roaring Blood by Guitar Wolf
56:51 Can't Play Rock 'N' Roll by Puncture

March 2020

00:00 Gong Station Chimes: The Conet Project
01:22 Bene Gesserit by Bernard Szajner
03:37 Atdn by Nadine Byrne
07:59 Parallel World by Kurt Stenzel
09:40 Motor City by Sand Circles
12:28 First Light by Bryter Layter
18:55 Regulate by 1991
23:06 Art Decade by David Bowie
26:37 Appalachian Grove III by Laurie Spiegel
29:49 Avanti by Cluster
34:11 Three Modal Pieces-A Myth by Laurie Spiegel
40:11 Water by Charles Cohen
45:51 Generator 6 by Keith Fullerton Whitman
47:51 Purple Lips by Nico
51:55 Bcë by Maria Teriaeva
55:30 Fascinator by HTRK

February 2020

00:00 The Sun Roars Into View by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld
07:10 Sonne = Blackbox by Ursula Bogner
09:31 Organ Passage by Zomes
10:26 My Time to Live by Chrome
14:14 Vibrate On by August Pablo
18:54 The Night Collectors by Les Rallizes Dénudés
27:22 All The Sun That Shines by Peaking Lights
34:22 Osman Ehlivan by Arif Sag
38:10 Forge Your Own Chains by D.R. Hooker
42:30 Extended Duration Risers Manitoba Aug. 96 by Stephen P. McGreevy
43:38 Musical Street Prophet by Sahel Sounds
47:00 Lay Down (Candles In the Rain) by Melanie
54:38 Govinda by Asakawa Maki
58:42 The Mind Is A Hole In The Body by The Pupils

January 2020

00:00 Teisco by Beak>
01:50 Untitled by Delroy Edwards
06:36 Lamru by Mammane Sani
07:52 Isolation by Chrome
12:48 Leibe Mach by Alu
15:03 I Feel Worse When I'm With You by Adult.
17:39 Keng Lil Surf by The Ex and Guests
20:40 Hot Hot Hot by The Cure
24:08 Operator by Anticipation
27:50 Flights of Fancy by Maggi Payne
29:40 B3 by Pekka Airaksinen
32:01 Temple Walking by Clay Rendering
36:10 No Hands by The Vss
39:33 Switch by Barnett and Coloccia
45:04 Untitled by DJ Punisher
46:50 Ghetto by Sentimentale Jugend
48:02 Desperate Fa Ta Miracle by Vainio/Väisänen/Vega
51:00 Tanzen by Pole
56:21 Lost Souls by Birdland