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Wrong Wave | Monthly Quarterly Broadcast

Q2 2021

00:00 Mindbreaker by The Litter
03:06 Big In Japan by Big In Japan
05:30 End of World by Nik Turner
11:20 A4 ####### by Nun Gun
13:40 Space Movement Section 4 by Creation Rebel
17:50 White Waking III by Les Rallizes Denudes
20:35 Music by The Red Krayola
21:32 Apologies to 2069 by The Litter
22:40 Little Threepenny Suite II Ballade by Lotte Lenya & Berliner Staatsoper Orchester
24:56 Mother / Oh mein Papa by Siouxsie & The Banshees
28:05 Night of the Assassins by Les Rallizes Denudes
30:50 Your Hidden Dreams by White Noise
35:41 Blindman (Live) by Curved Air
38:23 The Jewels of the Madonna by The Red Krayola
39:45 Sherriff of Yates Hill by Shit & Shine
43:05 Fist by Alan Vega
48:18 The Very Ears of Dusk by Phew

Q1 2021

00:00 Reverse Lion by Yello
01:22 Technology Works Dub by Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc & Skip McDonald
07:04 Tommy Smith by Dolly Dolly
09:04 Stopping and Starting by Voice of Authority
14:58 Speech and Ambulation by Mouse On Mars
22:03 I Feel Like I'm In A Film by Jonnine Standish
25:35 Movement 5 by Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders
29:15 Main Theme by Dave Ball & Genesis P-Orridge
32:18 We Are Starzz by Angel Bat Dawid
36:37 Stranger Than Love by Mark Stewart
43:50 Candles by Candle Tribe
48:15 Spine of Desire by Caterina Barbieri
49:50 End Of by eMMplekz

December 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 One by Marina Rosenfeld
01:54 Baby You Know by Aisha Orazbayeva
05:52 Tonight We Shall Dance Among the Stars by D.D. Denham
08:10 Lighthouse by Grouper
13:38 Birthday Suit by Beak>
18:08 Tarantella by Peter Zinovieff
21:54 Surrender by Suicide
25:40 In Knowing by Dean Hurley
29:35 Radiating by Din
31:55 Filmmusik by Emak
35:40 Ballet Statique by Conrad Schnitzler
39:35 Region of Fleeing Civilians by Craig Leon
44:10 Quite Unrehearsed by Colin Newman
48:10 Labor by Lyonnais
52:00 It's a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore by Ana Roxanne

December 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Out Of Order by MIRRORS
03:20 Trouble by The Flying Lizards
06:03 Looking Back by Jaeho Hwang
10:20 Doubts Even Here by New Order
14:30 Fragment by Phew
18:18 Radio Prague by This Heat
20:40 Social Fools by Devo
24:16 Hatred And Kisses by Don King
27:25 Unemployment by dirt
28:35 Normal Man by Men's Recovery Project
31:01 Absolute Körperkontrolle by DAF
33:48 Murder By Furniture by Colin Potter
35:59 Omozap to Plasticator by Jeff Keen
37:22 Bedroom by L. Voag
38:56 Emboldened by Tarcar
41:18 Errors of Skin Variante by Lucrecia Dalt
43:36 03.18.2012 by Thought Broadcast
45:58 Cybernaut by Tonto's Expanding Head Band
50:22 Galactic Nightmare Pt. 2 [EDIT] by Alan Jefferson

November 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 Dark Rooms by Da
04:40 Time Was by A.C. Marias
08:20 Spellbound by Pink Military
10:53 Canker by Ut
14:58 Intense by Bona Dish
16:40 Along The Main Divide by Roy Montgomery
20:10 Solar by Non Band
25:40 What Happens? by S.Y.P.H.
28:24 Your Turn To Run by Malaria!
32:30 Endless Road by Vazz
35:45 Just Another Spectre by Blancmange
39:00 No Doubt by Colin Newman
41:20 Leaving by Caroline K
43:50 Miracle of the Rose by Cindy Lee
48:43 Imperial Motors by Lives of Angels

November 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Modul by Pole
04:35 Senete by ZNR
08:10 The Void by The Raincoats
12:00 Rooftops by Colin Potter
18:40 The Girls by Xero
21:50 Band 051 1: Springende Inspiration by Roedelius
26:42 Far From Spring by JH1.FS3
30:38 Memories by June 11
35:00 Listen Loudly by Love Life
39:40 Kumoatsume by Pale Cocoon
44:36 Vessel by Grouper & Roy Montgomery
48:16 Unetiquetted by EXEK
53:00 Scratch Holiday by Aksak Maboul

October 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 I Can't Stop It by Primitive Calculators
02:16 Automation by Five Times Of Dust
05:56 On the Prowl by Savage Republic
07:21 Champagne by Lust For Youth
11:15 Zeittunnel by Die Hornissen
13:51 Space is the Bass by The LORD
17:06 Wütendes Glas by Grauzone
20:25 Kiliwatch by Jacques Charlier
24:34 Carbone 14 by Metal Boys
30:58 Gott Gott Electron by Chrisma
34:49 Danger Cruising Part II by Pyrolator
38:24 In your arms (final fantasy) by VÅR
43:10 Netlove by Merzbow/Ladybird
48:06 C81 by Philip Johnson
50:10 Endless by Vainio/Väisänen/Vega

October 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Death Scene by The VSS
01:52 Girl On The Run by Honey Bane
05:48 Group Home Haircut by Coffin Pricks
09:26 Who Are You? by Void
11:20 Birth Control 'n'Rock'n'Roll by Crass
13:25 No Pasaran by Fucked Up
15:10 Fashionation by The Ex
19:12 Phisto by Dial
23:51 Dumbwaiter by Jaks
27:25 Enemy Ladder by Wolf Eyes
30:35 Scratch and Posted by Flak-Scrampe Tramauntra
35:30 Number Six by Aslund Constant
40:55 Win/Win by Year Future
44:32 Kalte Sterne by Einstürzende Neubauten
48:42 Audience of One by Peter Ivers
53:28 Ever by Flipper

September 2020

00:00 Something Rhythmic (I Can’t Wait) by Chrome
04:33 Animal Speaks by Numbers Band
08:34 Paramechanical World by Amon Düül
14:18 A Man Has Responsibilities by Sandra Electronics
17:46 In A Hole by The Jesus & Mary Chain
20:25 Low and Warped by Destroy All Monsters
24:50 Choking Flies by Wolf Eyes
30:50 Nobody Knows by Destroy All Monsters
34:20 Motorhead by Hawkwind
37:24 Nazi Apocalypse by Simply Saucer
40:35 No Fun by Dr. Mix and The Remix
44:55 Francine's List by Pink Section
49:00 Looking At You by MC5
51:59 Next Time See You at the Dalai Lhama by Guru Guru

August 2020 Part 1 of 2

00:00 Intro by Parson Sound
00:53 Almost by O.M.D.
04:35 So Low by Carol
08:04 Riffs by UMFANG
11:30 Transmission From The 18th Century by Ectoplasm Girls
16:46 Echo by Phew
24:02 Elli by Dirty Beaches
27:16 Transistor by Antimatter
29:19 Private Armies Dub by Vivien Goldman
34:25 Travel Paint by Young Paint
36:55 Hard Love by Marina Rosenfeld
43:41 Meat In Motion by Isolation Ward
47:16 Bruell by Silvia Kastel
53:54 Eline Cout II by Bruce Gilbert

August 2020 Part 2 of 2

00:00 Mi Scusi by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld
04:00 Shegiah / Golden Repair / A Shield Of Ceilings In The Drift by Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf
12:45 Microscorp by Pale Cocoon
15:32 Rooftop Gardens by Marja Ahti
21:10 Rohkaisulaulu by Islaja
25:30 Colour Green by Sibylle Baier
27:55 Phosphenes by Glass Isle
33:10 Mistress Ship by Emerald Web
35:25 Gong Song by Ann McMillan
44:40 Only One by Fountainsun
49:00 Jungle Nausea by Thought Broadcast
51:03 Yoshvim Al Hamaake by Malka Spigel

July 2020

00:00 One For The Treble by Davy DMX
06:20 Take Your Elbows Off by Steve Ignorant and Johnny Dynell
12:58 Interior St. by Death Comet Crew
17:25 Al-Naafyish (The Soul) by Hashim
23:34 Re-Ron by Gil-Scott Heron
30:08 Five Minutes of Funk (Instrumental) by Whodini
35:38 Ravishments In The Seraglio by Nadjma & Adrian Sherwood
37:04 End Credits Roll by Das Ding
41:04 Killers by Ice-T
45:21 19 by Paul Hardcastle
47:50 Cela's Theme by Charlatan
50:50 Miss Fortune (Chuggy Edit) by Pink & Black
56:19 Cookout by Golden Palaminos

June 2020

00:00 The Kiss by The Cure
06:15 Wipeout Beat by Alan Vega
11:58 Human Rights by H.R.
17:16 AG by Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women
21:48 Evil Rock by Robert Calvert
26:08 Eyes on Mars by Chrome
29:40 That’s Ok for Me by Damon Edge
35:50 Speak To Me by Fad Gadget
39:08 Sunrise by Natural Assembly
41:54 Something To Grab For by Ric Ocasek
45:37 Cry for Love by Iggy Pop
50:00 This Island Earth by Bryan Ferry

May 2020

00:00 Toucan Ocean by Jon Hassell
03:51 Pussywhistle Tea by CS + Kreme
06:40 Digital sampler, rhythm variation by Sahel Sounds
08:40 DIY Time Machine by Moor Mother
10:41 Zoique III by Ramuntcho Matta
15:39 Atmosphärische Energie by Ursula Bogner
19:20 Bird of Paradise: Part 1 by Terry Riley
23:33 Drag Race Legend by Knife Knights
26:50 Kerry by Michael O'Shea
29:00 When We Fall by Beak>
34:38 Danse Maudit by The Ex and Guests
36:25 Place The Face by Antipop Consortium
40:54 Twist Up by Dome
45:14 Chocolate Souffle by Shabazz Palaces
50:16 Graffiti by Niagara
52:02 Sad Nile by The Whitefield Brothers

April 2020

00:00 Ejection by Robert Calvert
03:28 Fan Club by The Damned
06:18 Smash Attack Rock! by The Smashchords
08:50 Poor Born by Dead Moon
11:37 TV In My Eye by Le Shok
13:26 That's All I Know (Right Now) by The Neon Boys
16:00 Pray Till You Sweat by The Flesh Eaters
18:38 Kingdom of Heaven by 13th Floor Elevators
21:44 Soul's Tongue by Greg Sage
24:30 . by Shotmaker
27:00 I Want To Live by Destroy All Monsters
28:53 Gun by John Cale
37:00 3-E by Mars
39:46 Drug Zoo by GG King
42:58 Easy to Lie by The Master's Apprentices
47:25 Mole Machine by Simply Saucer
51:49 I Had a Crummy Shift by The Hospitals
52:20 Roaring Blood by Guitar Wolf
56:51 Can't Play Rock 'N' Roll by Puncture

March 2020

00:00 Gong Station Chimes: The Conet Project
01:22 Bene Gesserit by Bernard Szajner
03:37 Atdn by Nadine Byrne
07:59 Parallel World by Kurt Stenzel
09:40 Motor City by Sand Circles
12:28 First Light by Bryter Layter
18:55 Regulate by 1991
23:06 Art Decade by David Bowie
26:37 Appalachian Grove III by Laurie Spiegel
29:49 Avanti by Cluster
34:11 Three Modal Pieces-A Myth by Laurie Spiegel
40:11 Water by Charles Cohen
45:51 Generator 6 by Keith Fullerton Whitman
47:51 Purple Lips by Nico
51:55 Bcë by Maria Teriaeva
55:30 Fascinator by HTRK

February 2020

00:00 The Sun Roars Into View by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld
07:10 Sonne = Blackbox by Ursula Bogner
09:31 Organ Passage by Zomes
10:26 My Time to Live by Chrome
14:14 Vibrate On by August Pablo
18:54 The Night Collectors by Les Rallizes Dénudés
27:22 All The Sun That Shines by Peaking Lights
34:22 Osman Ehlivan by Arif Sag
38:10 Forge Your Own Chains by D.R. Hooker
42:30 Extended Duration Risers Manitoba Aug. 96 by Stephen P. McGreevy
43:38 Musical Street Prophet by Sahel Sounds
47:00 Lay Down (Candles In the Rain) by Melanie
54:38 Govinda by Asakawa Maki
58:42 The Mind Is A Hole In The Body by The Pupils

January 2020

00:00 Teisco by Beak>
01:50 Untitled by Delroy Edwards
06:36 Lamru by Mammane Sani
07:52 Isolation by Chrome
12:48 Leibe Mach by Alu
15:03 I Feel Worse When I'm With You by Adult.
17:39 Keng Lil Surf by The Ex and Guests
20:40 Hot Hot Hot by The Cure
24:08 Operator by Anticipation
27:50 Flights of Fancy by Maggi Payne
29:40 B3 by Pekka Airaksinen
32:01 Temple Walking by Clay Rendering
36:10 No Hands by The Vss
39:33 Switch by Barnett and Coloccia
45:04 Untitled by DJ Punisher
46:50 Ghetto by Sentimentale Jugend
48:02 Desperate Fa Ta Miracle by Vainio/Väisänen/Vega
51:00 Tanzen by Pole
56:21 Lost Souls by Birdland